The Trend Curve – Down with Denim Blue

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Down With Denim Blue

Many Portuguese towel, rug, throw and bed-linen makers exhibiting at the last Guimaraes Home Fashion Week agreed that blues are key. Antonio Salgado characterized this color family as being, “on top.” Coton Couleur said sales of their blue products were rising. One mill, Domingos de Sousa, projected that the surge in blues will last into 2022.

That said, denim-influenced blues will not go along for the ride. So said makers like Luma Home by Lumatex, who see limited potential for these hues going forward. Sorema agreed, citing a downturn for denim influences that was already apparent by the time GHFW took place.

Why will these mid-tone blues sit this one out? For one thing, denim-colored fabrics were perfect vehicles for the stone washed/bleached looks that were so popular in 2018. With those distressed textures now post-peak, the blues so closely associated with them are also being perceived as dated.

Piscatextil believes that another factor is the expanding interest in organic colors overall, especially the terracottas, complex greens and browns that will ultimately eclipse blues by late 2020. When indigo, sky, turquoise shades and warmer types that can even feel watery (like AMR Home Textiles’ Nile Blue) team up with these directional colors, they create a compelling palette that feels both earthy and fresh.

The next edition of Guimaraes Home Fashion Week will take place From June 16 to June 19, 2020.


Down With Denim Blue