GHFW and visit to factories short report

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Date: 26th to 29th, June, 2018
Venue: Pousada de Santa Marinha da Costa


Invited Japanese companies by Associação Home from Portugal:

  • Actus Corporation

Ms. Oko Yoshida, Associate Manager, Merchandise Department

  • Axel Japan Corp.

Mr. Yasuhito Kido, President

Mr. Thomas J Smart, International division director

  • Bau Chi Beddeing Enterprise Co.,Ltd.

Ms. Li-Ting Huang, Creative Director

  • Betten Lead Co.,Ltd.

Ms. Kyoko Kawashima

Ms. Teruko Fukuda

  • Boma Co,.Ltd

Ms. Mari Suzuki, Assistant Manager, Merchandising Division

  • Conran Shop Japan Ltd.

Mr. Tokio Takizawa, Merchandise Manager

  • Daido Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Toru Daido, President

  • Hankyu Hanshin Department stores Inc.

Ms. Harumi Furutani,

  • Miyake Design Studio

Mr. Hirohide Nishimoto, Designer

  • MST

Mr. Shinnosuke Nishimura, President

  • Takashimaya Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Hideki Nakajima, Senior Buyer, Home furnishing & Foods Div.

  • Tamurakoma Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Yuki Nakano, Junior Officer, 2nd Div., 4th Dept., 2nd Sec.


Invited Japanese journalist by Associação Home from Portugal:

  • GIFT Co., LTD

Mr. Koichi Maruyama, Editorial Assistant Manger


Individual visitor:

  • Impex Japan

Mr. Shinchiro Watanabe, President aicep Portugal Global

  • Ms. Tomoko Maekawa, Tokyo office


GHFweek took place at Pousada de Santa Marinha da Costa in Guimarães from June 26th to 29th.

This time, thirteen Japanese companies and one journalist were invited by the organizer, Associação Home from Portugal.

Although it was first time to visit to Portugal for most of Japanese visitors, they had a good impression about Guimarães and Portuguese home textile products.

Some exhibitors already have visited to Japan individually. Moreover, some of exhibitors participated in the fair, Interior Life Style last late of May with Associação Selectiva Moda’s mission and individually (they have participated in it ofr 10years). Therefore, it was comfortable and good timing to see their products in Portugal for Japanese visitors.

Recently, among some Japanese importers of home textile, Portuguese home textile has been known, especially, terry towels imported from Portugal have increased for a couple years.

Concerning bed linen etc, it might take time to import but GFHweek was good opportunity for Japanese visitors (Associação Home from Portugal had invited Japanese companies and a journalist for 3 years since first exhibition).

aicep’s support before/during/after are useful for Japanese visitors’ future business as well.

Most Japanese visitors this time, request to be invited next GHF week in 2019.

Moreover, because they also will visit to Heim Textile next year, they will keep in touch Portuguese exhibitors.


Japanese visitors already received swatches/samples from some exhibitors and some of them have contacted exhibitors.

Because it is the first time to see Portuguese home textile and visit to factories for most of them in Guimarães, it was a good experience for them and they will start to present/sell their clients from now.

I also had a good experience to visit Portuguese companies with Japanese companies as usual.


Japanese visitor’s comments


  • Could concentrate to see Portuguese home textile products
  • Well organized by the organizer
  • Good location (presentation home textiles at each room of Pousada de Santa Marinha da Costa)
  • Expects more exhibitors, including blankets, throws, wool products and other home textile exhibitors which produce with embroideries, etc
  • Expect more products related interior items
  • More meeting spaces at each rooms. Each stands were kind of small for the meeting (each visitors could not have a meeting at the same time)
  • It is kind of difficult to select companies because some products are similar (example, jacquard)
  • Visit to exhibitor’s factory located wool industry area next visit


Exhibitors which is interested in for future business:

  • Acl Impex
  • adalberto
  • Antonio Salgado
  • Alda
  • Apertex
  • Adalberto
  • Belfama
  • Bstitch
  • BOVI
  • Carvalho
  • Colmac
  • Crishome
  • DA Textile
  • Dolce Casa
  • Docofil
  • Emme
  • Finera
  • Giestal
  • Gipanolar
  • Home Flavours
  • J. F. Almeida
  • Lasa
  • Locama
  • Irmão M. Marques
  • Newplaids
  • PBP
  • Pisca Textile
  • Pereira da Cunha
  • Samopedro
  • Seed Concept
  • Sorema
  • Texteis Penedo
  • Traços
  • Vianatece




  • Acl Impex: quality is very good. Some buyer expected price and samples. Next time, they would like to visit not only showroom and offices but factory.
  • Adalberto: It was interesting print company. The factory was very organized. If a delivery schedule and price are OK, some visitors are planning to import.
  • Antonio Salgado: It was interesting company. If a delivery schedule, price, quality control are OK, some visitors are planning to order.

It is good impression that they have a English class for their employees 3 times per week in order to trade with overseas companies.

Their collection is that Japanese consumers like and Japanese and Asian companies do not produce.

  • Apertex: some companies already ordered. Next time, they would like to visit not only showroom but factory.
  • Belfama: Japanese buyer has traded with them for long time and this time, they had the meeting regarding the detail for next order.
  • Carvalho: It was big and fantastic factory. However, it might be difficult to import products soon because of minimum quantity.
  • Da Textile: Factory size is small/medium size. If price and delivery time are OK, some Japanese company is planning to order on OEM base.
  • Giestal: Japanese importer has traded with them. This time, importer requested new products by corroboration, Belfama and Giestal.
  • Home Flavours: Japanese company expected to see home textiles with more special fabrics. Therefore, they plan to produce home textile OEM base for future business.
  • LASA: it was fantastic and big factory. They produce from spinning to finishing. It is their strong point.

Some importer which has contacted before they visited GHFweek will start to import during this year, if they accept quantities and prices and they expect to expand business because LASA has a lot of deferent collection.

Some buyers is thinking over if they import or not for autumn/winter season in 2019.

According to some buyers of department stores, it might be difficult to import their collection for only their department store but there are chances to buy LASA collection selected by Japanese exclusive agent.

  • Pereira da Cunha

Just visited to showroom. If they accept an order with small quantity, and if the price is OK, some importer think to start a business.

  • Seed Concept: They produce bed spreads etc with high quality of weaving and printing. There are

opportunities. They already have traded with Japanese company.

  • Sampedro: They produce bed linens etc with high quality weaving and printing at big and fantastic factory.

Some buyers are planning to import products for spring/summer season in 2019, if Sampedro accepts minimum.

If they accept an order of bedspread (multi cover) and throw with small quantity, some buyer of department store think there is a chance to sell.

  • Sorema: some Japanese visitors are already their clients. Next time, they are planning to factory where are located near Lisbon. It is comfortable if Sorema accepts small quantities, it might be comfortable to start business for department stores.
  • Vianatece: Because some Japanese company importuned rugs several years ago, they are thinking over to import or not for autumn/winter season in 2019.


Other service from the organizer:

  • Hotels were very comfortable
  • Good meals service during the exhibition
  • Comfortable transportation between airport and hotel
  • Confirmable transportation by bus between hotel and expiation. However, pick up point was little bit confuse for guests of EMAJ Guimarães Boutique Hotel. They were not be picked up front of the hotel, they had to walk to pick up point which was a little bit confuses for about 10min.

Tomoko Maekawa, Técnica
Aicep Portugal Global Tokyo Office
August, 2018