GHF Week From Birthplace of Portugal to the world

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GHF Week took place in Guimarães from June 27 th to 29 th and only Portuguese home textile companies participated in it.
We had an interview to Ms. Maria Alberta Canizes of Associação Home From Portugal Regarding the exhibition etc.

Home Living (H): Regarding GHF Week

Maria Alberta Canizes (MAC):
We have had the special programs, invite overseas buyers to visit Portuguese producers for one week, but we could invited about 15 buyers only.
Therefore, we planned to hold an exhibition in Portugal for a platform between Portuguese home textile companies and buyers. Therefore, we invited buyers from over the world and they can not only visit to the exhibition but visit to exhibitors’ factories if they want. This idea were accepted by many Portogues home textile companies and buyers who could meet with many exhibitors at the exhibition and visit factories.
Most of visitors go to international fairs, Heimtextile etc, but it is difficult to find Portuguese exhibitors from many overseas exhibitors. Therefore, buyers cannot have enough time for the meetings with Portugues exhibitors there.
However, at this exhibition, buyers can build a good B to B relationship. We think that they realize that Portuguese companies produce sophisticated products recently.

(H): Main presented products:

They are bed lines, terry towels, table linens, kitchen lines etc…
This time, ceramics, cutleries and kitchen knives etc were presented because some buyers of home textile are interested in like those products as well. Therefore, next year, we expect that household products companies join the exhibition. So, buyers will see house hold products here.

(H): Number of exhibitors against last edition

28 exhibitors joined last year but this year, 37 brands from 32 companies participate in GHF Week because last edition’s reputation was good.

(H): Number of visitors

(MAC): It is 150 companies. However, indeed, the number of visitors is more because we count just company numbers. We also invited journalists from 9 countries.

(H): Main countries which visit to the exhibition

They are Japan, Russia, Germany, USA, Australia, Canada, Swiss, Holland and Turkey etc
Although Turkey is a competitor, Turkish buyers visited to GHF Week for find Portuguese home textiles with high quality which Turkish companies cannot produce.
According to Turkish buyers, they sell those Portuguese home textiles in Turley.

(H): Conditions for participate in the exhibition

(MAC): The exhibition is for support an internationalization of small and medium size companies. We select trustable small and medium size exhibitors. A couple of big companies also participate in the exhibition without our support by EU rules. We think that it is important big producers participate in the exhibition because they export a lot of home textiles. So, the conditions for participating the exhibition is that thay are
trustable companies producing home textiles with high quality and good design for long time and try to go into international market.

(H): The reason why you choose Santa Marinha da Costa for the exhibition

It used to be a cloister and at the moment, it is a beautiful “Pousada”. We thought it was good for present beautiful home textile products at a beautiful Pousada.

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